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Software / Operating SystemWindows 10 21H2 Build 22000.376 ReviOS December 2021

Windows 10 21H2 Build 22000.376 ReviOS December 2021
Windows x64 | English | File Size: 3.53 GB

ReviOS aspires to re-create what Windows as an operating system should have been - easy and simple.

With the main audience being gamers, power-users and enthusiasts, we understand that performance, speed and low latency is obligatory, which is why great effort has been invested into making ReviOS a capable, efficient yet private operating system.
Being naturally light on resources, footprint and size it also comes in as a great fit for low-end systems.

Windows 10 is notoriously known for its less-than-ideal performance, especially when compared to its predecessors.
ReviOS attempts to speed up the system, by eliminating redundant tasks and services running in the background, without sacrificing on stability.
Better yet, framerate stability is greatly improved, meaning your FPS is less prone to fluctuation.

Microsoft's Windows 10 is infamous for its privacy-intrusive behaviour towards consumers, which is why ReviOS takes the privacy aspect into serious account.
A plethora of telemetry backdoors have been terminated including, but is not limited to: Asiimov (telemetry client), UWP/AppX Apps, Windows Update and Cortana.
Data collection and reporting increase the system load, and as a bonus, that too is severely reduced, hereby promoting performance.

Based on a multi-layered approach, securing retained and comprehensive stability.
Reinforcing performance and privacy by stripping out bloatware that halts the system, and cutting down on the amount of components - resulting in reduced OS size.
ReviOS attempts to enhance what can be enhanced, leaving the subjective things to the user. A reliable, yet flexible baseline to build upon.
Add, modify and extend to your heart's content.

General Info
Version: 21H2
OS build: 22000.376
Author: Revision Team
Arch: x64
Lang: en-US
File Size: 3.53 GB

Changelog / What's New
Windows Defender is back
Disabled by default, can be enabled via "%userprofile%\Documents\Workspace\Windows Defender" and run Start.bat, press 1 to enable Windows Defender and restart
Updated registry tweaks
Disabled Virtualization-Based Security (VBS)
Disabled Storage, RAM, TPM and Secure Boot requirements
TPM and Secure Boot must be enabled in BIOS, in order to play games which requires an anti-cheat, like Valorant
Enabled notifications
Added Winget and updated VCLibs 140
Integrated Brave Browser to fix MICROSOFT-EDGE protocol handler issue
Uninstalling it and installing other browsers, except Microsoft Edge, could possibly cause instability
Minimal hosts file added to eliminate data collecting
Brave's P3A, variation and usage ping domains are completely blocked
Activated Windows 10 right click menu style to provide acceptable UI speed
Improved disk performance for HDD users
BitLocker support
Removed Teams and Todos

MS Store and drivers auto-updating
Hardware acceleration issues
Valorant CFG issue
Network Icon issue
Xbox and other UWP applications sign-in issues


Windows 10 21H2 Build 22000.376 ReviOS December 2021

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