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Graphics & DesignAutodesk All Product 2022 (x64)

Autodesk All Product 2022 (x64)
Autodesk All Product 2022 (x64) | 85.6 GB

Autodesk is a global leader in design and make technology. With expertise across architecture, engineering, construction, design, manufacturing, ...

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Graphics & DesignBoris FX Mocha Pro 2022.5 v9.5.5 Build 35 (Win x64)

Boris FX Mocha Pro 2022.5 v9.5.5 Build 35 (Win x64)
Boris FX Mocha Pro 2022.5 v9.5.5 Build 35 (x64)
Languages: English
File Size: 677.01 MB (In Total)

Mocha Pro is the world renowned software for planar tracking, rotoscoping, object removal, stabilization, and mesh tracking. Essential to VFX and post-production, Mocha has been recognized with prestigious Academy and Emmy Awards for its contribution to the film and television industry.

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Graphics & DesignIntel Quartus Prime 22.3 Pro (x64)

Intel Quartus Prime 22.3 Pro (x64)
Intel Quartus Prime 22.3 Pro (x64) | 38.7 GB

Development environment for FPGA of Intel firm with support of Cyclone 10GX; eASIC N5x(Diamond Mesa); Stratix 10; Arria 10; Agilex

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Graphics & DesignBETA-CAE Systems 23.0.2 Win x64

BETA-CAE Systems 23.0.2 Win x64
BETA-CAE Systems 23.0.2 | 2.3 Gb
Product:BETA CAE Systems
Supported Architectures:x64
Website Home Page :www.beta-cae.com
Languages Supported:english
System Requirements:Windows *
Size:2.3 Gb
BETA CAE Systems announces the release of the v23.0.2 of its software suite. Always aiming in providing you with first-in-class features and robust processes, we announce the second bug-fix release of v23.x.x series.

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Graphics & DesignNetcad GIS 2023 v8.5.3.1063

Netcad GIS 2023 v8.5.3.1063
Netcad GIS 2023 v8.5.3.1063 | 1.3 GB
We integrate the convenience of CAD-based data production with the comprehensive rules of the GIS environment.

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Graphics & DesignBricsys BricsCAD Ultimate (x64)

Bricsys BricsCAD Ultimate (x64)
File size: 682 MB

A powerful CAD platform, with features familiar to you from native .

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Graphics & DesignPerfectly Clear WorkBench Multilingual

Perfectly Clear WorkBench Multilingual
Windows x64 | Addons | File size: 114.79 MB

Perfectly Clear Workbench is an application that uses Athentech's Perfectly Clear image correction libraries and is made available to demonstrate the capabilities of the Perfectly Clear processing libraries, face detection library and to allow a quick export of the processing settings for use.

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Graphics & DesignScanSpeeder Pro 3.24 Multilingual

ScanSpeeder Pro 3.24  Multilingual

File Size: 13.8 MB

This photo scanning software allows anyone to scan multiple photos at once using your flatbed scanner, making scanning of old photos much faster, easier and cost effective.

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Graphics & DesignRawTherapee 5.9 (x64) Multilingual

RawTherapee 5.9 (x64)  Multilingual

File Size : 33 Mb

RawTherapee is a powerful graphics editor with many features and options for photo processing, which supports, among other things, the RAW-format digital cameras. The program has a fairly rich image editing tool that makes it one of the best for professional photo processing, adequately competing with Lightroom application. Is there color correction, noise reduction, rotation, exposure control, the change of light and shadow, tone setting, vignetting, processing EXIF-data capture, crop, white balance, and much more. If you want to edit a large number of photos of a batch mode is provided.

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Graphics & DesignNiceLabel Designer 10.2 PowerForms

NiceLabel Designer 10.2 PowerForms

Languages: Multilingual
File Size: 166.43 MB

Quickly design barcode labels without IT help and improve print productivity. Everything you need to design and print labels. Quickly produce professional labels without making investments in training and coding. Eliminate printing errors by adapting the printing interface to the user and process or by integrating labeling with your existing applications and master data.

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