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Video TrainingPhotigy - Studio Product Photography Essentials (Complete)

Photigy - Studio Product Photography Essentials (Complete)
File Size : 5.5 gb
Catalog Product Photography is a series of videos that will take you through various real-world situations of photographing products in the studio.

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Video TrainingPhilip White - Wedding Film Masterclass

Philip White - Wedding Film Masterclass
File Size : 3.4.GB
This is your chance to learn an entire approach to film making by one of the Worlds Leading Wedding Film Makers. Not only will Philip teach you his entire approach to filming, he will also provide two live (FULL) Edit demonstrations! In addition to this you can all the RAW Video, Audio and Music files used!! Finally Philip will reveal some killer business tips that have helped him get to the top of the industry. In each tutorial zone youll also be able to communicate directly with Philip whilst you learn!

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Video TrainingLife Through a Lens by Annie Leibovitz

Life Through a Lens by Annie Leibovitz
File Size : 1.2 gB
The art of the camera and the gift of camaraderie revealed in aremarkable portrait of our eras most provocative imagemaker. Thisacclaimed film traces the arc of the famed photographers life, heraspirations to artistry and the trajectory of her career. Directed byher sister, Barbara Leibovitz, this probing and personal film depictsthe key phases that shaped Annies life and work; including herchildhood, the tumultuous 1960s, her transition from Rolling Stone toVanity Fair as well as her most significant relationships, includingmotherhood. At its center are bountiful, insightful and even playfulinterviews with her most famous subjects, mentors and colleagues thatreveal the evolution of one of the worlds most influential visualartists.

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Video TrainingCreative Photoshop Techniques For Portraits with Renee Robyn

Creative Photoshop Techniques For Portraits with Renee Robyn
File Size : 2.4 GB
In this post production only tutorial, Renee takes you through every step of her process. The composite tutorial starts with a look at fresh ideas to use Photoshop tools to better maximize post production . Renee moves on to build the image we are calling, Ice Warrior, from scratch where you see Renee take the image from basic concept to its final polish.

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Video TrainingMicrosoft Essential Skills Master Course - Tips and tricks

Microsoft Essential Skills Master Course - Tips and tricks
Created by Adam Aizad Ahmad | Published 7/2021
Duration: 1h 58m | 3 sections | 21 lectures | Video: 1280x720, 44 KHz | GB
Genre: eLearning | Language: English + Sub

This course will provide you the basic understanding about Microsoft Word, Outlook and OneDrive software within 2 hours!

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Video TrainingWorkshop Realistic compositions Light and Portraits - Adrian Sommeling

Workshop Realistic compositions Light and Portraits - Adrian Sommeling
File Size : 3,54 GB
In this more than 9 hours video tutorial I will show you in a few steps, how to create from a simple portrait an awesome, advertising ready, image. I will explain you about what you have to know about light. I will show you the light setups and how to process the photos. We will simulate natural light with studio lights. We gonna create depth of field in Photoshop. We will add snow and rain to a portrait and much more. Dont let the light control you be in control!!

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Video TrainingThe Best Retouching Secrets Uncovered with Viktor Fejes

The Best Retouching Secrets Uncovered with Viktor Fejes
File Size: 695.6 MB
Join Viktor Fejes and learn all of the Photoshop tips and tricks he wished he knew when he started out as a retoucher. Starting with the benefits of a tablet and proper monitor, Viktor dives into his favorite interface settings, how to get the most out of pen pressure on your tablet, key brush settings for retouching, how to easily tone down highlights on skin, brilliant tips for working with layer masks, alternative ways to cut out hair from a background, and so much more.

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Video TrainingSkin Retouch Tutorial Using Photoshop - Joakim Karlsson

Skin Retouch Tutorial Using Photoshop - Joakim Karlsson
File Size: 2.7 GB
This is a skin retouch tutorial. I focus on that only and not about color grading or light. I show on two different images with different approach. Both of them give a very professional and amazing result. You can see the result in the two images below. Its the ones featured in the video.

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Video TrainingArtistic Color Grading in Lightroom Workshop by Dan Hecho

Artistic Color Grading in Lightroom Workshop by Dan Hecho
File Size: 1.1 GB
Famous photographer Dan Hecho will talk about how to correctly build a workflow and improve the quality of images. At his master class, you will understand the intricacies of processing and color correction in Adobe Lightroom, learn how to work with presets, learn how to spend about fifteen minutes on a detailed study of a single photo, and understand why you need to prepare in advance for shooting.

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Video Training5 Tips for Shooting Fashion on a Budget with Lindsay Adler

5 Tips for Shooting Fashion on a Budget with Lindsay Adler
File Size : 1,4 Gb
Creating high impact fashion looks dont have to break the budget! Join Lindsay Adler, a fashion photographer based in New York City, as she shares her secrets to getting a high fashion look on a small budget. Lindsay breaks down her approach into five core tips that you can use on anything from personal projects to client shoots. After presenting the ideas around each tip Lindsay demonstrates a few examples of putting it into practice through a live shoot and completing the final project in post-production.

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