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Software / Graphics & DesignDxO PhotoLab 7.6.0 Build 189 (x64) Elite Multilingual

DxO PhotoLab 7.6.0 Build 189 (x64) Elite Multilingual

DxO PhotoLab 7.6.0 Build 189 (x64) Elite  Multilingual

File size: 827 MB

DxO PhotoLab 7 - the most advanced, end-to-end, RAW photo editing software.

5 reasons to try DxO PhotoLab 7
- Unrivaled lens corrections for superior sharpness
- Outstanding noise reduction powered by machine learning
- Advanced color science and powerful creative tools
- Intuitive local adjustments that just work
- Robust file management for effortless organization
DxO PhotoLab 7 will revolutionize your RAW photo workflow. Lens corrections that give you more.
Superior lens softness correction
DxO Optics Modules are created in our exclusive laboratory, allowing DxO's technicians to target sharpening specifically to where a lens needs it most. You get the sharpest and clearest results of any software on the market.
Intelligent RAW processing: for noise reduction that pushes boundaries
Get cleaner images featuring more detail than you ever thought possible. Drawing on the power of deep learning, DxO's DeepPRIME and DeepPRIME XD technology combines the denoising and demosaicing processes to remove noise and restore fine detail like never before.
Intuitive local adjustments, free of complexity
Local adjustments shouldn't be complicated. Part of a range of easy-to use-tools, DxO's U Point™ technology gives you the ability to make precise local adjustments that feel natural, free of fiddly masks and complex layers.
Advanced color science plus powerful creative tools
Capture and reproduce colors with complete accuracy, and then use tools that give you absolute creative freedom. Enjoy smart calibration tools, a versatile working color space, intuitive HSL manipulation, LUTs, soft proofing functionality, and robust export options. At every step, DxO PhotoLab gives you precision and control.
New features in DxO PhotoLab 7
- Introducing new Calibrated profiles: Using industry-standard checker charts, create your own calibrated color profiles from within PhotoLab for scientifically accurate colors.
- New LUT (Look Up Table) support: Discover cinematic style grading by applying one of the 17 built-in DxO LUTs or by importing a LUT file.
- Improved Black and White workflow: Editing in Black and White has never been easier with a new dedicated tab that features new renderings and the 8-channel mixer, previously only available with FilmPack.
- New Local Adjustments palette featuring additional HSL Colorwheel: For a streamlined user experience, all local adjustment tools are now grouped together into a dedicated palette that features new localized HSL controls, powered by the DxO Colorwheel.
- Improved mask display for Local Adjustments: You can now change the mask color for improved visibility when editing.
- New "DxO Style" preset: DxO PhotoLab 7 offers a new default preset to get your photo-editing started.
- Photo Library improvements: Now you can use contextual menus to index and delete folders (although the option to delete is not yet available on Mac).
- Improvement to DxO Optics Modules management: A 'download-all' checkbox now lets you quickly obtain all of the Optics Modules required to automatically correct your images.
- The Color accentuation controls, Saturation and Vibrancy, have been moved to the HSL subpalette.
- New option to temporarily deactivate Global Saturation and Vibrancy, or any color channel, by clicking and holding its accompanying color-well icon.
- An extended range of digital camera renderings to be automatically applied to your images when you check
the "automatically use camera rendering if supported" option in General Preferences.
- Over 87,000 camera-lens combinations are now supported.
Whats New
New features
• Achieve greater consistency in contrast and color when switching between DxO PhotoLab and Adobe
Lightroom thanks to the addition of DCP curve settings.
• Enjoy 15 premium, fine art LUTs crafted by professional photographer Dennis Aydogan.
New supported cameras
• Hasselblad 907X & CFV 100C
• Sony A9 III
• Support of images from OM System OM-1 Mark II in high resolution mode and 14 bits
Bug fixes
• Minor bug fixes and improvements



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