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E-Books / Video TrainingStep 1: How & Why To Comfortably Drink Enough Water

Step 1: How & Why To Comfortably Drink Enough  Water

Published 11/2022
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EXTRA Lectures: How & Why to Exercise Minimally for Maximum Benefits + Stretches for Lower Back, Hips and Upper Legs

What you'll learn
Why enough water is needed to sustain healthy mind-body functions.
What happens when the body is dehydrated.
Minimal amount of water needed based on body-type and lifestyle.
Best times to consume water for ultimate comfort and performance.
Several related topics will be discussed that compliment the benefits of drinking enough water.
EXTRA: How to exercise minimally for maximum results.
EXTRA: Why this minimal exercise strategy works.
EXTRA: Some simple stretches for creating comfort in your lower back, hips and upper legs.
There are no prerequisites for this course.
Drinking enough water can make a huge difference to your overall health and performance, especially over (long) periods of time. In this course, you will be taught 5 simple techniques that will make an enormous difference to how comfortably you drink enough water each day. As well, you will learn the 3 most important reasons consuming enough water is so important to your overall mind-body health and performance. Brett will periodically and briefly mention other mind-body techniques that compliment the core teachings of this course.As an EXTRA, you will be taught about a very complimentary health practice in Lecture 5: How & Why to Exercise Minimally for Maximum Benefits! The combination of sufficient water in your body and minimal exercise can create life changing results in as little as 3 weeks for people who are new to these practices. As another EXTRA, a simple stretching routine to relieve common lower back, hip and upper leg tension is Lecture 6. I personally am extremely grateful for these stretches! In the last Lectures, you will get a summary and a summary poster to help you remember what you have learned.STEP 1 is the most significant of the 8 Fundamental STEPS in this series. It is also the easiest to learn, so enjoy!Remember, by optimizing your mind-body as the foundation of your future, everything in life gets easier as positive experiences are had more readily! Whether you are trying to prevent or reverse disease, age more slowly, perform better at a sport, career, or life in general, the teachings in this and my other courses are fundamental to achieving these goals!
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Introduction
Lecture 2 How to Comfortably Drink Enough Water
Lecture 3 3 Main Reasons Why You Want/Need to Drink Enough Water
Lecture 4 Water Quality
Lecture 5 EXTRA: How and Why to Exercise Minimally for Maximum Benefits
Lecture 6 EXTRA: Simple Stretching Session: Lower Back, Hips, and Upper Legs
Lecture 7 Summary
Lecture 8 Summary Poster
Don't like drinking water? Find it makes you tired or digestion uncomfortable?,Need some motivation and skills to drink enough water every day?,Having digestion or other health problems? You could simply be chronically dehydrated. Note: It takes skill to re-hydrate your body quickly and comfortably.,EXTRA Content: Get maximum benefits from a minimal exercise strategy.,EXTRA Content: A simple stretch routine to help relax your lower back, hips and upper legs.

Step 1: How & Why To Comfortably Drink Enough  Water

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