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E-Books / Video TrainingKajabi Quick Start

Kajabi Quick  Start

Kajabi Quick Start
Published 10/2022
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Language: English | Size: 1.49 GB | Duration: 3h 28m

Create and sell an online course with Kajabi FAST!

What you'll learn
Create a Kajabi account using my exclusive FREE 30-day trial!
Configure Kajabi settings and payment methods correctly: step-by-step
Create your Kajabi website FAST: step-by-step
Create a Kajabi online course FAST: step-by-step
Create a sales page, checkout page, and thank you page FAST: step-by-step
A step-by-step test sale so you can confidently start selling your course!
Learn to send email broadcasts to your customers
A desire to create an online education business
A desire to learn the KAJABI eLearning platform FAST with no confusion
If YOU are interested in using the amazing KAJABIĀ eLearning platform to create and sell an online course, AND you're looking for the EASIEST possible step-by-step guide to help you learn how to use Kajabi FAST, then you are in exactly the right place!If you don't already know, the Kajabi eLearning platform allows you to quickly and easily:create your own websitecreate & sell online courses to millions of people who want to learn what you already knowKajabi is a full-featured, all-in-one platform that ALSO offers:unlimited video &audio hostingpaid membershipsbloggingpodcastingcoachinglanding pagesmarketing funnelsemail automationwebsite traffic analyticsIt's EVERYTHING a "solopreneur" needs to create an ONLINE KNOWLEDGE BUSINESS capable of scaling to six figures and beyond!I'm going to be honest, though. I've seen many forum posts from people who say they've had their Kajabi account for months, or even a YEAR or more. but STILL don't have their online course launched! I've heard COUNTLESS, HEARTBREAKING stories from SO MANY PEOPLE who are stuck, frustrated, and confused because they don't have clear, STEP-BY-STEP instructions about how to create a website, online course, and checkout page so they can launch their online course and start getting paid.While Kajabi IS an incredible platform that is easy to USE. they honestly don't make LEARNING IT as easy as it could be. I have GOOD NEWS though. it doesn't have to be that HARD!This "Kajabi Quick Start" course makes LEARNING Kajabi EASY & FAST! I'm an experienced technical trainer, and I know exactly how to make learning new tech skills EASY and FUN!My GOAL with "Kajabi Quick Start" is to as quickly as possible:PREVENT or STOP overwhelmestablish an ideal mindsetprovide meticulous, step-by-step guidance to help YOU turn your skills, your knowledge, or your passion into an online course in as little as ONE WEEK!"Kajabi Quick Start" starts off with a BIG PICTURE OVERVIEW about how eLearning works, then it gets you set up with a 30-DAY KAJABI FREE TRIAL so you can GET STARTED building your business with NO COST.Once you have your FREEĀ 30-DAY Kajabi trial account, I provide easy to follow, step-by-step instructions to:configure your Kajabi account settingscreate your websitecreate an online coursecreate a sales page, and checkout page so you canstart getting PAID for what you know!THE COST and PAIN of being STUCK can be CRUSHING and DEMORALIZING. Let me get you UN-STUCK, or PREVENT you from getting stuck in the FIRST PLACE! "Kajabi Quick Start" will save you time, money, headaches, overwhelm, and help you create and sell your online course FASTER than any other method.Click the BUY button to get started, and I'll meet you inside!
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 My background and mindset
Lecture 2 About Kajabi
Lecture 3 Official learning & support resources
Lecture 4 Internet marketing fundamentals
Section 2: Kajabi Setup and tour
Lecture 5 Create a 30-DAY Kajabi FREE trial!
Lecture 6 Kajabi interface tour
Section 3: Configure Kajabi settings
Lecture 7 Configure global account settings
Lecture 8 Configure Site details
Lecture 9 Payment integrations
Lecture 10 Other settings
Section 4: Website setup & orientation
Lecture 11 Intro to websites
Lecture 12 Initial website setup and access
Lecture 13 Website page builder orientation
Lecture 14 Pre-created website pages tour
Lecture 15 A WARNING about switching themes
Section 5: Page builder core skills
Lecture 16 The right website MINDSET
Lecture 17 Create a NEW page
Lecture 18 Global page settings
Lecture 19 Page sections - part 1
Lecture 20 Page font options
Lecture 21 Why Kajabi is NOT "drag & drop"
Lecture 22 Page sections - part 2
Lecture 23 Page sections - part 3 (styling options)
Lecture 24 Duplicate pages, sections, and content
Lecture 25 Disable/enable the "exit popup"
Lecture 26 Header, logo, and navigation
Lecture 27 Footer options
Lecture 28 Url case sensitivity
Lecture 29 Intro to Landing Pages
Lecture 30 Duplicate, rename, and swap pages
Lecture 31 Core website skills summary
People who want to use KAJABI to create & sell online courses to others who want to learn what you know

Kajabi Quick  Start

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