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E-BooksSigns of Survival by Joshua M Greene

Signs of Survival by Joshua M  Greene

Signs of Survival by Joshua M Greene | 13.72 MB
English | 76 Pages

Title: Signs of Survival
Author: Renee Hartman
Year: 2021

RENEE: I was ten years old then, and my sister was eight. The responsibility was on me to warn everyone when the soldiers were coming because my sister and both my parents were deaf.
I was my family's ears.
Meet Renee and Herta, two sisters who faced the unimaginable - together. This is their true story.
As Jews living in 1940s Czechoslovakia, Renee, Herta, and their parents were in immediate danger when the Holocaust came to their door. As the only hearing person in her family, Renee had to alert her parents and sister whenever the sound of Nazi boots approached their home so they could hide.
But soon their parents were tragically taken away, and the two sisters went on the run, desperate to find a safe place to hide. Eventually they, too, would be captured and taken to the concentration camp Bergen-Belsen. Communicating in sign language and relying on each other for strength in the midst of illness,...




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