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SoftwareComfy Photo Recovery 6.5 Multilingual

Comfy Photo Recovery 6.5 Multilingual
Free Download Comfy Photo Recovery 6.5 Multilingual All Editions | 14 Mb
Recover digital images using the Comfy Photo Recovery program. The program recovers not only accidentally deleted photo files, but also images that were lost after formatting the hard drive, memory cards, or USB flash drive. The program's "Search for partitions" function lets you find and continue recovering digital images from the partition that was deleted.

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SoftwareEast Imperial Magic Word Recovery 4.5 Multilingual

East Imperial Magic Word Recovery 4.5 Multilingual
File size: 18 MB

Recover Microsoft Word documents and OpenOffice ODT files with ease. Magic Word Recovery features the same advanced data recovery engine as Magic's top of the line tools, which enables surefooted recovery from troublesome storage media and ensures you're getting great value for your money.

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SoftwareRS Partition Recovery 4.7 Multilingual

RS Partition Recovery 4.7 Multilingual
File size: 43 MB

Corrupted and inaccessible volumes, formatted and repartitioned hard drives may look like a big problem – but they aren't if you're using the right tool. RS Partition Recovery can restore deleted partitions, repair corrupted hard drives and recover lost data quickly and easily with a step-by-step wizard.

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SoftwareRS NTFS / FAT Recovery 4.7 Multilingual

RS NTFS / FAT Recovery 4.7 Multilingual
File size: 82 MB

Corrupted, formatted or inaccessible NTFS partition? Deleted file(s) from an NTFS volume? RS NTFS Recovery offers a fully automated solution for all your data recovery needs! From simple undelete to complex data restoration, RS NTFS Recovery can do everything to get your files back from hard disk and USB flash drive. Designed specifically to work with NTFS volumes, RS NTFS Recovery can successfully recover information from all types of drives bearing any variation of the NTFS file system. The tool supports huge partitions of up to 4 TB, and can reconstruct the entire disk structure when recovering data from formatted volumes, repartitioned or unavailable hard drives.

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SoftwareRS RAID Retrieve 2.4 Multilingual

RS RAID Retrieve 2.4 Multilingual
File size: 42 MB

Data stored on a broken NAS unit or RAID array with a failed controller can be difficult to recover – but not if you use RS RAID Retrieve! The tool can automatically repair many types of RAID arrays, allowing to recover files and folders from multi-disk volumes without the original RAID controller. Whether your disks were installed in a NAS unit, in a computer with a hardware RAID controller, or managed with mdadm in a Linux box, RS RAID Retrieve can reassemble and repair the storage spaces and recover your files and folders in just a few clicks.

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SoftwareRS Excel Recovery 4.5 Multilingual

RS Excel Recovery 4.5 Multilingual
File size: 18 MB

You can either undelete spreadsheets in a matter of minutes or perform a comprehensive analysis of the entire disk area, locating every last spreadsheet ever saved there. Even if the disk has been formatted or repartitioned, or if it cannot be accessed by Windows, you can still use RS Excel Recovery to analyze the disk and extract those spreadsheets.

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SoftwareRS Office Recovery 4.5 Multilingual

RS Office Recovery 4.5 Multilingual
File size: 18 MB

Deleted an important document or wiped a flash drive clean? Cleared Recycle Bin, partitioned the hard drive or formatted the disk by accident? Have an unreadable device or a disk with corrupted file system? RS Office Recovery helps get your documents and spreadsheets back regardless of which exact problem caused the loss of data!

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SoftwareRS Browser Forensics 3.6 Multilingual

RS Browser Forensics 3.6 Multilingual
File size: 21 MB

Analyzing the user's online activities? Attempting to recover data from incognito/private browsing sessions? Require access to the user's online accounts and social networks? RS Browser Forensics helps extract existing and deleted records and traces left by the users' browsing activities.

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SoftwareRS MAC Recovery 2.4 Multilingual

RS MAC Recovery 2.4 Multilingual
File size: 41 MB

Data recovery software for macOS formatted disks and flash drives with APFS, HFS+ file structures. Your Mac keeps giving you errors, or the system just won't boot, and you've almost given up hope of saving any of your important documents? Need to recover files after "losing" a partition, remove files from a disk that is no longer recognized by the system? Use professional Mac recovery software! RS Mac Recovery is a simple and powerful tool that solves most data loss issues in two steps.

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SoftwareRS Linux Recovery 2.4 Multilingual

RS Linux Recovery 2.4 Multilingual
File size: 42 MB

Program for data recovery from Linux file system partitions in Windows. Need to access Linux Ext2, Ext3 and Ext4 file system partitions in Windows? Do you want to perform data recovery from an ext4 partition from an external hard drive? RS Linux Recovery specially designed to work with file systems Ext2/3/4, ReiserFS, XFS, UFS. The program allows you to access both existing and deleted files and packages of Linux, Unix, FreeBSD, OpenBSD or Solaris operating systems in a Windows-like interface.

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