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Internet ToolsPilotEdit Pro 18.7.0 Multilingual

PilotEdit Pro 18.7.0 Multilingual

PilotEdit Pro 18.7.0  Multilingual

Windows x86/x64 | File size: 72.38 MB

PilotEdit is a handy and reliable file editor designed to help users to execute scripts, extract strings and edit large files. PilotEdit is a file editor that will help you search and replace multi line text, edit FTP files or even download and upload FTP files and directories. With PilotEdit file editing just became easier. PilotEdit is an advanced text and hex editor that supports opening of files larger than 4GB. It offers customizable syntax and keyword highlighting, advanced search and replace operations, automatic text encoding, 256-bit AES encryption/decryption, and a built-in FTP client lets you open, edit and upload files directly to/from an FTP server.

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Internet ToolsGitea Enterprise 21.11.0 (x64)

Gitea Enterprise 21.11.0 (x64)

Gitea Enterprise 21.11.0  (x64)

File size: 107.5 MB

Gitea Enterprise, is an enhanced version of the Gitea open-source project. It includes all the functionality of Gitea, and is designed to meet the needs of enterprise-level users. Gitea Enterprise is designed to be lightweight, easy to use, and highly customizable, making it an ideal choice for both small teams and large organizations.

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Internet ToolsGarmin Express 7.22

Garmin Express 7.22

Garmin Express  7.22

File size: 127 MB

You have probably heard about Garmin, since it is one of the best, if not the best, contender of today's GPS market. Sure, nowadays, the smartphones found in our pockets come with GPS functions, but there is no denying that Garmin devices are better in terms of accuracy and overall signal coverage. To ensure the maximum levels of performance of your Garmin device, you might want to make sure that it features the latest maps and updates installed. Here is where Garmin Express comes into play, an essential tool for managing your GPS device.

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Internet ToolsTomTom Europe TRUCK 1130.12324 Multilingual

TomTom Europe TRUCK 1130.12324 Multilingual

TomTom Europe TRUCK 1130.12324  Multilingual

File Size: 4.82 GB

In the distribution are fresh maps for trucks.

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Internet ToolsTickTick Premium 5.5.1 Multilingual

TickTick Premium 5.5.1 Multilingual

TickTick Premium 5.5.1  Multilingual

File size: 30 MB

TickTick turns your Windows PC device into an office platform that is flexible, easy to use, and highly efficient. Join millions of people to capture ideas, organize life, and do something creative every day. Practice the Pomodoro Technique in TickTick 64 bit for PC. Stay focused, stay productive. Enjoy!

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Internet ToolsSkyDemon



File Size: 10.9 MB

The flight planning features in SkyDemon are all designed to make planning a flight less tedious and more interesting, by bringing the very best aeronautical briefing information directly to your fingertips in real time as you explore our charts and experiment with potential journeys. SkyDemon will help give you the confidence to fly further and to more interesting places. Plan a journey, brief yourself on potential hazards, prepare for flight and analyse your track logs. Live briefing data includes NOTAM, airfield documents and maps, TAF, METAR and wind forecasts at altitude.

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Internet ToolsQuick 'n Easy Web Builder 11.2.0 Multilingual

Quick 'n Easy Web Builder 11.2.0 Multilingual

Quick 'n Easy Web Builder 11.2.0  Multilingual

Windows x86/x64 | File size: 76.73 MB

A practical and effective application worth having when you need to build, create and design your personal HTML websites effortlessly. Quick 'n Easy Web Builder is a comprehensive and lightweight software that provides users with a simple means of creating, editing and personalizing websites. Quick 'n Easy Web Builder is a website building utility that aims to design and build full-featured web pages without the need to add HTML code scripts.

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Internet ToolsqBittorrent 4.6.5 (x64)

qBittorrent 4.6.5 (x64)

qBittorrent 4.6.5  (x64)

File Size : 33 Mb

qBittorrent is a multi-platform Bittorrent client developed in C++/Qt4. The qBittorrent project aims to provide a Free Software alternative to Āµtorrent. Its main features are its integrated search engine (allows searching for torrent from the main torrent Web sites simultaneously in a transparent fashion), its support for l'UPnP/NAT-PMP, Bittorrent protocol encryption (Azureus-compatible), Peer Exchange (PeX) compatible with ĀµTorrent, IP filtering (eMule-like "ipfilter.dat" or PeerGuardian filters), Torrents (and the files they contain) prioritizing, remote control through a secure Web User Interface.

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Internet ToolsNETworkManager 2024.5.27.0

NETworkManager 2024.5.27.0

NETworkManager  2024.5.27.0

File Size : 21 Mb

NETworkManager is an Open Source tool that allows you to manage networks and troubleshoot network problems.NETworkManager centralizes several tools that can assist in network management of connections. You are given access to a large assortment of tools all readily available from NETworkManager's primary window for efficient use. You can use these tools to view the network interface along with many other essential bits of information like IP addresses, DNS servers, etc.). Connected network cards can be configured using profiles. You can also perform a PING or quick lookup, scan ports and hosts, connect to a server (with PuTTy/VNC), Wake on Lan and much more

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Internet ToolsGlassWire Elite 3.3.678 Multilingual

GlassWire Elite 3.3.678 Multilingual

GlassWire Elite 3.3.678  Multilingual

File Size: 137.4 MB

GlassWire protects your privacy and security by searching for unusual Internet behavior that could indicate malware or violations of your privacy. Once unusual network activity is discovered you're instantly alerted with detailed information so you can protect your computer, privacy, and data.

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