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Video TrainingLinkedIn Learning Data Visualization Storytelling And Information Design A Lesson And Listen Series Update 20190304-SHEPHERDS

LinkedIn Learning Data Visualization Storytelling And Information Design A Lesson And Listen Series Update 20190304-SHEPHERDS

LinkedIn Learning Data Visualization Storytelling And Information Design A Lesson And Listen Series Update 20190304-SHEPHERDS
English | Size: 1.03 GB
Category: Tutorial

Course details
Follow along with expert Bill Shander in this series exploring key themes in data visualization, data storytelling, and information design. Each episode is broken into two segments: a short lesson and a listening session where Bill interviews data storytelling and visualization experts about the episode theme. These conversations reveal the creative process, explore techniques and technologies used by working professionals, and illuminate some of the common challenges they face. This series is perfect for anyone interested in how information is presented to the mass market, including professionals in all levels of analytics, data science, and communications.

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Video TrainingLINKEDIN LEARNING Unity: AR Visualization 01 Basic Concepts-BiFiSO

LINKEDIN LEARNING Unity: AR Visualization 01 Basic Concepts-BiFiSO

English | Size: 435.93 MB
Category: Tutorial

Mobile augmented reality (AR) is currently the most popular and pervasive form of AR in the market. The applications of AR for the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industries have already started to prove themselves indispensable. In this course, learn how to use the Unity game engine to create an AR mobile application for iOS or Android to view and interact with a 3D model in the real world. As a bonus, instructor Roger Miller also looks at working with the PiXYZ Unity plugin to help get CAD and BIM data into Unity.

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Video TrainingLINKEDIN LEARNING PRINCE2® Agile Foundation


English | Size: 0.99 GB
Category: Tutorial

Anyone who delivers projects in an agile environment can benefit from earning the PRINCE2® Agile Foundation certificate, the entry-level certification in the PRINCE2® methodology. PRINCE2® offers key principles, themes, and processes that can help project managers of all stripes manage their projects more effectively. In this course, instructor Jason Dion digs into the most essential PRINCE2® concepts as he prepares you to take and pass the PRINCE2® Agile Foundation certification exam. Learn about using scrum, kanban, and Lean Startup, as well as how to blend agile concepts with the PRINCE2® framework. Plus, explore how the seven principles, themes, and processes used in a PRINCE2® project management environment can be tailored in an agile environment.

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Video TrainingLINKEDIN LEARNING Modernize Node.js Apps with Azure App Service

LINKEDIN LEARNING Modernize Node.js Apps with Azure App Service

English | Size: 383.88 MB
Category: Tutorial

Take full advantage of the elasticity of the cloud. In this project-based course, join instructor Dimitris Loukas as he demonstrates how to efficiently refactor, configure, and deploy your Node.js apps on Azure using Azure App Service. Dimitris explains the benefits and demonstrates how to set up a new service for a Node.js app, including how to set up environmental variables, approach your first deployment, benefit from automatic deployments, and work with WebJobs-which allows you to run a program or script in the same context as a web, API, or mobile app. Plus, he covers monitoring your app for errors and adding Application Insights to detect performance anomalies.

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Video TrainingLINKEDIN LEARNING Cloud Architecture: Core Concepts

LINKEDIN LEARNING Cloud Architecture: Core Concepts

English | Size: 140.54 MB
Category: Tutorial

Are you new to cloud computing? If so, this course can help you bolster your cloud computing skillset by familiarizing you with the business and tech-related basics of creating a cloud architecture. Join cloud-computing luminary David Linthicum as he discusses what cloud architecture is and why a strong architecture is crucial. After covering the fundamentals, he moves on to identifying the business and technical requirements of building a cloud architecture, and goes over cloud parts and how to work from requirements to a solution. The course concludes by leading you through how to build your first architecture.

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Video TrainingLINKEDIN LEARNING Becoming a Product Manager

LINKEDIN LEARNING Becoming a Product Manager

English | Size: 6.04 GB
Category: Tutorial

Get tips, tricks, and valuable insights in this weekly series on project management. Instructor Cole Mercer addresses key skills and trending topics that product managers need to know to maximize their time, energy, and focus. Learn why you have to get out of the office and talk to users, what to do to develop the "PM mindset," and how to structure a product management or project management team. Plus, learn the difference between agile, lean, scrum, and Kanban, and the roles of product manager, product owner, and project manager. Cole also provides tips for collaborating better with stakeholders, hiring and managing product managers, and leading productive meetings. New tips roll out every Tuesday.

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Video TrainingLINKEDIN LEARNING A Toolkit for Giving and Receiving Better Feedback

LINKEDIN LEARNING A Toolkit for Giving and Receiving Better Feedback

English | Size: 300.63 MB
Category: Tutorial

At every stage of your career and in every professional role, feedback is tricky. Giving it in such a way that it's accurate, openly received, and effective. Taking it in without unnecessary anxiety or defensiveness. But regardless of your role, having a coach in your corner is an invaluable asset. This course teaches you how to give and receive feedback in ways that benefit the professional growth of the individual and the organization, leading to more creativity and innovation. Instructors like Tim Harford, the "Undercover Economist," and Harvard Law lecturer Sheila Heen, explain how you can coach others effectively, give unbiased and useful feedback, and understand feedback as essential to growth.

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Video TrainingMachine Learning Foundations A Case Study Approach

Machine Learning Foundations A Case Study Approach

Machine Learning Foundations: A Case Study Approach
English | Size: 2.01 GB
Category: Developer

Do you have data and wonder what it can tell you? Do you need a deeper understanding of the core ways in which machine learning can improve your business? Do you want to be able to converse with specialists about anything from regression and classification to deep learning and recommender systems? In this course, you will get hands-on experience with machine learning from a series of practical case-studies. At the end of the first course you will have studied how to predict house prices based on house-level features, analyze sentiment from user reviews, retrieve documents of interest, recommend products, and search for images. Through hands-on practice with these use cases, you will be able to apply machine learning methods in a wide range of domains. This first course treats the machine learning method as a black box. Using this abstraction, you will focus on understanding tasks of interest, matching these tasks to machine learning tools, and assessing the quality of the output. In subsequent courses, you will delve into the components of this black box by examining models and algorithms.

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Video TrainingLinkedIn Learning GitHub

LinkedIn Learning GitHub

Learning GitHub
English | Size: 332.59 MB
Category: Programming | Cloud-Comp | E-learning | others

GitHub is the industry-stand tool for collaborating on and sharing code. It's popular among software developers, project managers, designers, and students for its flexibility and control. This course introduces GitHub and Git, the version control system that GitHub is built upon. Instructor Aaron Stewart, a training content specialist at GitHub, explains the benefits of version control, how to navigate GitHub and the command line, how GitHub and Git are related, and the best practices for communication and collaboration on GitHub. Aaron also reviews the most common tasks, such as branching, commits, and pull requests, and shows you how to create a simple local project and move it to GitHub to share with your team. Once you have completed the course, you should be able to immediately start using Git and GitHub to manage your own code.

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Video TrainingLINKEDIN LEARNING Debiasing AI Using Amazon SageMaker-BiFiSO

LINKEDIN LEARNING Debiasing AI Using Amazon SageMaker-BiFiSO

English | Size: 273.25 MB
Category: Tutorial

Artificial intelligence (AI) can have deeply embedded bias. It's the job of data scientists and developers to ensure their algorithms are fair, transparent, and explainable. This responsibility is critically important when building models that may determine policy-or shape the course of people's lives. In this course, award-winning software engineer Kesha Williams explains how to debias AI with Amazon SageMaker. She shows how to use SageMaker to create a predictive-policing machine-learning model that integrates Rekognition and AWS DeepLens, creating a crime-fighting model that can "see" what's happening in a live scene. By following the development process, you can learn what goes into making a model that doesn't suffer from cultural prejudices. Kesha also discusses how to remove bias in training data, test a model for fairness, and build trust in AI by making models that are explainable.

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