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Desktop EnhancementsPUSH Video Wallpaper / Video Screensaver 4.35

PUSH Video Wallpaper / Video Screensaver 4.35
PUSH Video Wallpaper / Video Screensaver 4.35 | 23 MB

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Desktop EnhancementsDBF Converter 5.69

DBF Converter 5.69

DBF Converter 5.69 | File size: 6.1 MB

DBF Converter is a universal solution to all your DBF format conversion needs. Whenever you need to extract data from a DBF file to CSV, XLS, XLSX, SQL or plain text, the software delivers a straightforward way to do this with minimum efforts.

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Desktop EnhancementsOfficeSuite Premium Edition 2.70.15846.0

OfficeSuite Premium Edition 2.70.15846.0

OfficeSuite Premium Edition 2.70.15846.0 | Languages: Multilingual | File Size: 139.16 MB

An office suite that includes a word processor, a PDF editor and reader, a spreadsheet editor, and a presentation creator, all of them with modern and clean interfaces. When talking about Office suites, many of you might only point to Microsoft's widely-known product. However, there are other alternatives that you can try out, especially if you are a home user. Very popular on mobile platforms, OfficeSuite has also shifted towards Windows, delivering a suite of office-related tools with a clean look and simple options.

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Desktop EnhancementsLucinite Panels 2.0.1241.1315

Lucinite Panels 2.0.1241.1315

Lucinite Panels 2.0.1241.1315 | File size: 4.53 MB

Panels gives you the ability to add multiple bars to any edge of your desktops and displays. These bars contain mini-programs called Tiles which provide information and control of your windows desktop. Add weather for multiple locations, monitor cpu, memory, network and disk activity, control iTunes and watch your favorite shows unobstructed with the iTunes remote tiles. Replace your task bar with the shortcuts tile, for even more control add the task windows tile to control and see live thumbnails of your running applications.

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Desktop EnhancementsXWidget Pro Multilingual

XWidget Pro Multilingual

XWidget Pro Multilingual | File size: 7.7 MB

XWidget provides you with a widget engine as well as an out-of-the-box selection of items for you to enjoy. The application comes packing a weather widget alongside other useful ones such as uptime, system, search, RSS, notes, Internet or photo album. This particular piece of software can easily facilitate your everyday work by delivering the information you need in real time. It is also configurable to such extent that you may find yourself spending more time doing it than you initially planned.

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Desktop EnhancementsStardock Fences Multilangual

Stardock Fences Multilangual

Stardock Fences Multilangual | File size: 12.4 MB

Fences is a program that helps you organize your desktop. It can hide icons when they are not in use as well as make it easy to place icons into moveable groups called fences. Fences is the worlds most popular desktop enhancement for Windows. What makes it so compelling is that what it does is so obviously useful and necessary that it is amazing that no one has thought of it before.

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Desktop EnhancementsEarthTime 5.12.2

EarthTime 5.12.2

EarthTime 5.12.2 | File size: 4 MB

EarthTime displays the local time and date of any place in the world. It has a built-in database of thousands of cities worldwide but users can add any number of custom locations. EarthTime shows a map of the earth with daylight and night shadows and optionally a cloud layer with current satellite cloud data. Alarms can be set on the local time of any city in the world. Many options allow flexible customization.

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Desktop EnhancementsPUSH Video Wallpaper / Video Screensaver 4.18

PUSH Video Wallpaper / Video Screensaver 4.18

PUSH Video Wallpaper / Video Screensaver 4.18 | File size: 23 MB

PUSH Video Wallpaper will immensely boost the entertainment level of your desktop by allowing you to play videos, youtube videos and animated gifs as your wallpaper in the background. You can apply Windows Vista Ultimate Dreamscene video wallpapers on all the latest operating systems such as Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7. When your computer is inactive it doubles as a video screensaver too, so you can watch your favorite videos. PUSH Video Wallpaper is exactly the app you need, offering a very intuitive method for setting videos as wallpapers, without making any changes to the operating system.

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Desktop EnhancementsIcecream Screen Recorder Pro 5.50 Multilingual

Icecream Screen Recorder Pro 5.50 Multilingual

Icecream Screen Recorder Pro 5.50 Multilingual | File size: 55.7 MB

Icecream Screen Recorder Pro - easy to use program for recording video from your computer screen (recording games, Skype, webinars, and more), as well as how to create screenshots of all windows, and the selected area. The app has a complete set of tools required for professional video capture from the screen. Screen Recorder allows you to capture the selection of any screen size. If you need to allocate a portion of the screenshot or add text comments to him, this program has the drawing tools. They allow you to draw on the screenshot shapes, lines and text overlay.

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Desktop EnhancementsWinstep Xtreme

Winstep Xtreme

Winstep Xtreme | Languages: Multilingual | File Size: 55.03 MB

Transform your desktop with Winstep Xtreme. A superb collection of utilities and desktop enhancements, Winstep Xtreme will change the way you work with Windows forever. Lets you have a desktop that becomes the envy of whoever looks at it. everybody loves a pretty face!

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