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PCMaster of Magic Update v1.06.25-ANOMALY

Master of Magic Update v1.06.25-ANOMALY
Master.of.Magic.Update.v1.06.25-ANOMALY | Size : 63.54 MB
Game Title :Master of Magic
Date Release:13 Dec, 2022
Developer :MuHa Games, Eerie Forest Studio
Editor : Slitherine Ltd.
Genre : :Indie, RPG, Strategy
Language :English, French, German, Spanish - Spain, Simplified Chinese, Italian, Polish

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PCPower of Ten v1.1.0-GOG

Power of Ten v1.1.0-GOG
Power.of.Ten.v1.1.0-GOG | Size : 128.53 MB
Game Title :Power of Ten
Date Release:11 Jan, 2023
Developer :Pew Times Three
Editor : Pew Times Three
Genre : :Action, Indie
Language :English, French, Spanish - Latin America, Portuguese - Brazil, Spanish - Spain, Hungarian, Turkish, German, Polish

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PCVoid Scrappers-I KnoW

Void Scrappers-I KnoW
Void.Scrappers-I KnoW | Size : 719.93 MB
Game Title :Void Scrappers
Date Release:21 Oct, 2022
Developer :8BitSkull
Editor : 8BitSkull
Genre : :Action
Language :English, Simplified Chinese, French, Japanese, Portuguese - Brazil, German, Traditional Chinese, Spanish - Spain, Korean

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PCRoadwarden v1.0.85-GOG

Roadwarden v1.0.85-GOG
Roadwarden.v1.0.85-GOG | Size : 886.46 MB
Game Title :Roadwarden
Date Release:12 Sep, 2022
Developer :Moral Anxiety Studio
Editor : Assemble Entertainment
Genre : :Adventure, Indie, RPG
Language :English

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PCWigmund v1.2.5-GOG

Wigmund v1.2.5-GOG
Wigmund.v1.2.5-GOG | Size : 1.94 GB
Game Title :Wigmund
Date Release:28 Mar, 2022
Developer :The Scholastics
Editor : The Scholastics
Genre : :RPG
Language :English

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PCPlease Be Happy v1.1-GOG

Please Be Happy v1.1-GOG
Please.Be.Happy.v1.1-GOG | Size : 1.1 GB
Game Title :Please Be Happy
Date Release:21 Nov, 2022
Developer :Studio √Član
Editor : Sekai Project
Genre : :Casual
Language :English

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PCThe Symbiant v62104-GOG

The Symbiant v62104-GOG
The.Symbiant.v62104-GOG | Size : 814.69 MB
Game Title :The Symbiant
Date Release:2 Feb, 2023
Developer :HeartCoreDev
Editor : HeartCoreDev
Genre : :Casual, Indie, Simulation
Language :English, French, Russian, Traditional Chinese, German, Japanese, Portuguese - Brazil, Simplified Chinese, Italian, Thai, Korean, Spanish - Spain, Portuguese - Portugal, Spanish - Latin America

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PCJETT The Far Shore Given Time Update v20230202-TENOKE

JETT The Far Shore Given Time Update v20230202-TENOKE
JETT.The.Far.Shore.Given.Time.Update.v20230202-TENOKE | Size : 32.74 MB
Game Title :JETT: The Far Shore + Given Time
Date Release:31 Jan, 2023
Developer :Superbrothers, Pine Scented
Editor : Superbrothers
Genre : :Action, Adventure, Indie
Language :English, French, Italian, German, Spanish - Spain, Japanese

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PCSynthetic Lover v1.0-GOG

Synthetic Lover v1.0-GOG
Synthetic.Lover.v1.0-GOG | Size : 1.07 GB
Game Title :Synthetic Lover
Date Release:13 Jan, 2022
Developer :HeartCoreDev
Editor : HeartCoreDev
Genre : :Casual, Indie, RPG
Language :English

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PCThree kingdoms story Conussia v1.6-GOG

Three kingdoms story Conussia v1.6-GOG
Three.kingdoms.story.Conussia.v1.6-GOG | Size : 296.36 MB
Game Title :Total War: THREE KINGDOMS
Date Release:23 May, 2019
Developer :CREATIVE ASSEMBLY, Feral Interactive (Mac), Feral Interactive (Linux)
Editor : SEGA
Genre : :Action, Strategy
Language :English, French, Italian, German, Spanish - Spain, Czech, Korean, Polish, Portuguese - Brazil, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Turkish

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