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E-BooksQuinn's Girl (Healing Hearts Bo - Kylar Wilde

Quinn's Girl (Healing Hearts Bo - Kylar Wilde
Quinn's Girl (Healing Hearts Bo - Kylar Wilde
epub | 188.53 KB | English | Author :Kylar Wilde | 2020

Book Description :

Ali Miller was one of the "Forgotten Ones". She was one of the best helicopter pilots with nerves of steel. When a small army base in Afghanistan was attacked, Ali was captured, raped and tortured repeatedly by one of the insurgents. The months of physical and psychological torture made Ali messed up in her head. She had lost confidence and hope to live a normal life. Her PTSD was off the charts and she was often living on the streets when she was not with her abusive junkie boyfriend, Matt Culler.

Quinn Hawkins is the good-looking and interesting man who had suddenly come into Ali's life. It was not only because he was handsome, it was something else, something deep and profound that drew her to him. On the night she met Quinn, she learned that he was an ex army ranger who had now carved a new life as a detective. Like her, he suffered from PTSD from his army ranger days. He had not been in a relationship for years since he left the army as he was battling his own demons. He had however slowly picked himself up seeing how he had helped many people while on the job.

When Ali's ex boyfriend accused her of cheating and was hell bent on making her life miserable to the point of killing her, Quinn was determined to protect his girl at every cost.

Category : | Sports Romance, Two-Hour Romance Short Reads, Sports Romance

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