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MusicJack Bruce - Sunshine Of Your Love - A Life In Music (2015)

Jack Bruce - Sunshine Of Your Love - A Life In Music  (2015)

FLAC (tracks+ Playlist) | Pop, Rock | 02:26:54 | 879.67 MB
Label: UMC (Universal Music Catalogue)

1-1 Cream (2)– N.S.U.
1-2 Cream (2)– I Feel Free
1-3 Cream (2)– I'm So Glad
1-4 Cream (2)– Sunshine Of Your Love
1-5 Cream (2)– We're Going Wrong
1-6 Cream (2)– White Room
1-7 Cream (2)– Deserted Cities Of The Heart
1-8 Cream (2)– Doing That Scrapyard Thing
1-9 Jack Bruce– Never Tell Your Mother She's Out Of Tune
1-10 Jack Bruce– Rope Ladder To The Moon
1-11 Jack Bruce– Theme From An Imaginary Western
1-12 Jack Bruce– Weird Of Hermiston
1-13 Jack Bruce– Folk Song
1-14 Jack Bruce– Can You Follow?
1-15 Jack Bruce– Morning Story
1-16 Jack Bruce– You Burned The Tables On Me
1-17 Jack Bruce– Pieces Of Mind
1-18 Jack Bruce– Running Through Our Hands
1-19 Jack Bruce– Keep It Down
1-20 The Jack Bruce Band– Something To Live For
2-1 The Jack Bruce Band– Without A Word
2-2 The Jack Bruce Band– How's Tricks
2-3 Jack Bruce– Childsong
2-4 Jack Bruce– The Best Is Still To Come
2-5 Jack Bruce– She's Moving On
2-6 Jack Bruce– Jet Set Jewel
2-7 Jack Bruce– Ships In The Night
2-8 BBM (5)– City Of Gold
2-9 BBM (5)– Waiting In The Wings
2-10 Jack Bruce– Out Into The Fields
2-11 Jack Bruce– The Night That Once Was Mine
2-12 Jack Bruce– Candlelight
2-13 Jack Bruce– Fields Of Forever
2-14 Jack Bruce– Reach For The Night
2-15 Jack Bruce– Don't Look Now





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