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E-Books / Video TrainingInfluence And Persuasion. Persuade And Convince To Succeed

Influence And Persuasion. Persuade And Convince To  Succeed

Published 11/2022
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Master the secrets of influence and psychological persuasion without manipulation in private and professional life

What you'll learn
Effectively influence others in your private and professional life
Master scientifically proven persuasion techniques
Communicate more effectively to the conscious and subconscious of your interlocutors
Influence other people's decisions and opinions
Understand the secrets of psychological persuasion
Motivate others to take action
Formulate your messages to be heard and understood
Get more YES to your queries
Persuade others to change their opinions
Determine the communication style of your interlocutor to influence him effectively
Quickly connect with others to make you more appreciated
Be open-minded and ready to take action.
Techniques for influencing and persuading effectivelyThis training contains everything you need to know to influence others, learn the secrets of psychological persuasion, connect quickly with others and get your message across.This content will be updated regularly to add my latest findings in the field of persuasion and influence.Here are some testimonials from my course participants:"I'm happy to be able to listen to people like Jamal. It's concrete, it goes to the essentials, there is a real sharing, it's precise and above all we feel that he knows what he's talking about with a good preparation upstream. I can only recommend this training because it is clearly an investment to make! ". Salahddin"Pleasantly surprised by this course, I learned a lot. So, big questioning that comes at the best time in my life. Very motivating! ยป Nicholas"Thank you for the concrete, the clarity and the synthesis! ". Lynne_________________________________________ Why join this training to make better decisions? Do you manage to convince easily?Do you manage to get your message across and make your opinion heard?Or simply, are you an employee, manager or entrepreneur and you often have to convince, influence or motivate others whether in your private or professional life?If so, this training is for you!Most people don't realize the importance of persuasion and influence. If you want to succeed in your life you must learn to influence the decisions and opinions of other people because persuasion is everywhere.Without knowing these persuasion techniques, you won't be able to convince others to join your cause. You cannot become a leader. You cannot effectively communicate what you have to offer the world.On the other hand, if you master the psychology of persuasion and influence, you can accomplish more, attract more opportunities, and influence others more effectively.All the great leaders of this world have understood this concept very well. If you can't convince you will be convinced. If you can't influence, you will be influenced. Whether in your work, with your friends, your family, your children, etc.People in control of their lives are people who have mastered the power of persuasion.Imagine for a moment how your life would be different if you managed to convince your future employer that you are the right candidate to hire.Or if you are a manager, imagine that you manage to convince the members of your team to join you in your various initiatives.Imagine if you are in front of a group of people and you manage to convince them to choose your product or solution.You already have all the necessary resources within you to convince. All you need is a strategy to do so, and techniques to structure your message and boost your influence.You don't have to guess them. In this training, I share with you scientifically proven techniques to influence and convince easily. These techniques are based on research from the world of sociology and behavioral psychology.This training is not hands-on training. I do not share with you techniques to deceive or to manipulate.This training is also not a sales training even if these techniques can greatly improve your results.Only do this training if you have good intentions.I deeply believe that the content of this training can transform your life if you study all the content and put all the strategies in place.The content of the training is designed to go straight to the point.Effectively influence others in your private and professional lifeMaster scientifically proven persuasion techniquesCommunicate more effectively to the conscious and subconscious of your interlocutorsInfluence other people's decisions and opinionsUnderstand the secrets of psychological persuasionMotivate others to take actionFormulate your messages to be heard and understoodGet more YES to your queriesPersuade others to change their opinionsDetermine the communication style of your interlocutor to influence him effectivelyQuickly connect with others to make you more appreciatedNow, if you're ready to take your life to the next level, I'm telling you right now.interior.
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Introduction
Section 2: Influence and persuasion tactics
Lecture 2 The art of connecting with others
Lecture 3 The 4 secrets for better communication
Lecture 4 How to make yourself appreciated more
Lecture 5 Reciprocity
Lecture 6 Coherence
Lecture 7 How to get a "yes" to your requests
Lecture 8 Reactance
Lecture 9 Metaphors
Section 3: How to convince easily
Lecture 10 Capture the attention of your audience
Lecture 11 Culture
This training is for anyone who wants to become more persuasive and convincing in their private and professional life.,The training gives you the strategies to convince others and get them to take action without manipulation. If you want to learn effective communication techniques to get your message across and become a true leader today, this training is for you!,Whether you are managers, employees or entrepreneurs, you will find techniques to help you in this training.

Influence And Persuasion. Persuade And Convince To  Succeed

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