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E-BooksIntroduction to Cloud Computing and AWS - Docker AWS Cloud Computing Platform Se...

Introduction to Cloud Computing and AWS - Docker  AWS Cloud Computing Platform  Se...

Introduction to Cloud Computing and AWS - Docker AWS Cloud Computing Platform Serverless Computing
pdf, epub, azw | 73.35 MB | English | Isbn:‎ B09L6FGML4 | Author: Singh, SK | Year: 2021


The book will help build foundational concepts about cloud computing and AWS. You will gain an excellent conceptual understanding of cloud computing, cloud services, cloud computing platforms, and cloud service providers, and other modern related cloud computing concepts along with AWS introduction.

You will understand different main cloud computing types such as Infrastructure-as-a-service, platform-as-a -service, software-as-a-service. Furthermore, you will also get an overview of some modern cloud computing types such as data-as-a-service, which is sort of becoming a new paradigm to deliver data products, desktop-as-a-service, and function-as-a-service which is becoming popular nowadays in some business domains.

The book provides good detail about different cloud deployment models such as public cloud, private cloud, hybrid cloud, community cloud, multi-cloud. Cloud deployment models mainly deal with the management and accessibility of computing resources. You will also understand what the term multitenancy is in cloud computing.

You will understand about cloud applications deployment model, which is essential to know if you are involved in a cloud migration or modernization project.

You will learn about virtualization, virtual machines, and hypervisors. In addition, you will get a good understanding of serverless computing, which is getting popular nowadays. You will also learn about serverless stack and AWS serverless services and other related serverless topics.

You will learn about docker. This is a hands-on section. We will take a use case of running a web server using a docker container to understand docker better. You will also learn many common docker commands from a DevOps perspective.

Once you have gained a solid understanding of cloud computing, then you start learning AWS.

You will start with AWS, how it compares with its competitors, the types of services it provides, why AWS is so popular. Then you will learn how to sign up, AWS free tier, how to assign multi-factor authentication to secure AWS account, different ways AWS can be accessed.

You will also learn about AWS global infrastructure, which is the foundation of the AWS cloud platform with respect to its infrastructure. AWS regions and availability zones, which are essentially AWS data centers.

Then you learn about EC2, which is the AWS IaaS type of service to launch virtual servers on AWS. Next, you will learn how to launch an ec2 instance and set up a web server on EC2. Then you will learn about IAM, which is identity and access management. IAM is used to create and manage AWS users. Then you will understand S3, which is a simple storage service. It is a very popular AWS service. You will understand object storage systems that architecturally underpins S3. You will learn how to create a bucket on s3 and store objects on S3.

Then you will get a high-level understanding of how AWS approaches security and compliance of deployed applications. And finally, you will get an overview of the AWS cloud computing platform covering many popular AWS services.

Category:Web Services & APIs, Information Technology


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