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E-BooksWorld Internet Development Report (2022) - Blue Book for World Internet Conference

World Internet Development Report (2022) - Blue Book for World Internet Conference

pdf, epub | 9.53 MB | English | Isbn:9811693889 | Author: Chinese Academy of Cyberspace Studies | Year: 2024


This book systematically reviews the development process of the world Internet and comprehensively reveals the great contributions of the Internet to economic development and social progress. The world today is marked by changes unseen in a century, and Internet development is facing new opportunities and challenges. In 2020, the COVID-19 epidemic broke out and spread at the global scale, which enormously impacted the global economy and society. Internet played an increasingly important role. Meanwhile, based on the development status of the global Internet, this book fully reflects the development process, status and trend of the world Internet in 2020, systematically summarizes the development status and highlights of the Internet in the major countries around the world, and makes an in-depth analysis of the new conditions, new dynamics and new trends of the development in the key Internet fields; the contents cover the information infrastructure, information technology, digital economy, digital government, internet media, network security, and international cyberspace governance, and other aspects. Moreover, this book further adjusts and enriches the development index systems of the world Internet, in the hope of better showing the development strength and development advantages of the Internet in various countries, and reflecting the overall development trend of the world Internet more comprehensively, accurately and objectively. From an objective perspective, this book collects the latest research results in the global internet field, featuring comprehensive contents and highlights; from a historical perspective, this book reviews the significant development process of the global internet, summarizes the experience and faces the future; from a global perspective, this book tries to construct the cyberspace community with a common future based on the new concepts, new ideas and new achievements of various countries in participating in cyberspace development and construction. This book provides an important reference value for employees in Internet fields, such as government departments, Internet enterprises, scientific research institutions, colleges and universities, to fully understand and master the development of the world internet.


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