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Video TrainingCGCircuit - Applied Houdini - Rigids V

CGCircuit - Applied Houdini - Rigids V

CGCircuit - Applied Houdini - Rigids V
English | Size: 6.4GB
Category: Tutorial

In Rigids V, we'll create a series of blasts whose shape and position are based off of a dynamic laser gunfire simulation! We'll design the shape of the explosion at each laser bolt impact by controlling the sources of the new rigid body debris, particles, streamers, and smoke. Several commonly (and easily) used math topics are introduced here in order to achieve professional and art directable results, including quaternions, cross, and dot products. A professional workflow will as always be demonstrated to keep all of this organized and efficient, plus lots of advanced tips and tricks. The final renders will even be brought to life with illumination from the lasers themselves!

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Video TrainingCGCircuit - Applied Houdini Particles II

CGCircuit - Applied Houdini Particles II
Applied Houdini - Particles II - CGCircuit | 5.32 GB

Applied Houdini Particles II - Velocity Fields will teach you everything you need to know to make stunning particle effects with velocity fields! We will create two different effects in this course, one based off of a dynamic Pyro sim, and one using curl noise to wash particles around a surface. After simulating, we'll take our particles even farther by shading, shaping, and lighting them based on data derived from the sims themselves. You'll be making professional looking advanced particle sims in no time!

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