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Software / MultimediaMAGIX - SpectraLayers Pro 5.0.129 (NO INSTALL, SymLink Installer)

MAGIX - SpectraLayers Pro 5.0.129 (NO INSTALL, SymLink Installer)
MAGIX - SpectraLayers Pro 5.0.129 (NO INSTALL, SymLink Installer) | 54 MB

Magix SpectraLayers Pro is an advanced spectral audio data editor with powerful capabilities.
You can work with individual sounds in an audio file completely visually.

Transpose, extract and optimize sounds in ways that have never been presented thanks to the concept of unique layers for the frequency spectrum.
SpectryLayers Pro is one of the most revolutionary spectral editing platforms in the world.
SpectraLayers allows you to analyze audio data on a multidimensional spectral display, decompose it into component layers using a wide range of intelligent tools, and process each extracted layer independently of each other. Magix SpectraLayers Pro can be used for mastering, sound design, analysis, for scientific purposes and forensic purposes.
SpectraLayers is especially useful for sound specialists, sound engineers, audio and video editors, archivists, or just for those who need high-quality professional analytical tools.
Magix SpectraLayers Pro solves the following practical tasks: removing unwanted overtones, noises, clicks, artifacts, extracting components of audio material (for example, vocals, guitar, bass from the full mix) based on Stereo and Surround, pitch correction, frequency correction, etc. .
You get the ability to quickly identify and extract target frequency ranges, and then use all the resources of SpectraLayers Pro to process new layers in isolation from each other. In addition, audio recording and VST effects are supported.

Year / Release Date: 2018
Developer: Magix
Developer website: www.magix.com/int/music/spectralayers/
Digit capacity: 64bit
Interface Language: English
Tabletka: not required
System requirements: Windows 7 and above

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