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Sample / Soundd16 Group - SilverLine Collection 2018.10

d16 Group - SilverLine Collection 2018.10
d16 Group - SilverLine Collection 2018.10 | 189 MB

A set of plugins consisting of:
Antresol 1.1.4 - Electric Mistress Flanger with the sound of a guitar pedal. The plugin offers a wide range of parameters with independent adjustment for the right and left channels.
Decimort2 2.1.6 - recreates the color and adds the magic that vintage samplers add to any magnifier, any bass line,
or any sound that plays through them!
Devastor2 2.1.5 is a simple but remarkable multi-band distortion effect. It is an enhanced version of the PHOSCYON synthesizer distortion device. Being multi-band, it presents endless sound possibilities!
Fazortan2 2.0.0 - phaser from the Polish developer. An effective device that repeats the sound of retro-phasers of the 70s (which has now become fashionable again)
Frontier 1.0.0 - adaptive limiter. Simple and convenient interface. Clear, clear sound. Optional soft-clipper mode.
Redoptor2 2.0.1 - Distortion, with accurate emulation of the tube and transistor nature of distortion. Contains a built-in equalizer and feed control of the generated harmonics in the signal.
Repeater 1.1.5 is a delayed effect with vintage sound from the D16 Group, developed in collaboration with Slate Digital. The plugin offers double delay with 23 unique, plausibly modeled delay modules.
Sigmund 1.1.2 is a multifunctional delay capable of creating a huge variety of sound colors - from traditional delay effects to pulsating and changeable loops and patterns,
Syntorus 1.4.0 - a plugin that will have rich analogue chorus sound, similar to the effect found in classical synthesizers like Solina, Synthex or Juno
Tekturon 1.0.8 is a powerful multi-tap delay with an integrated sequencer. The effect offers 16 independent delay lines, all arranged in a sequence.
Toraverb2 2.0.2 - Virtual Reverb. The conceptual algorithm implemented in the block allows you to create almost any type of reverberation.

Year / Release Date: 10.2018
Version: 2018.10 rev.2 (fixed manual destination)
Developer: d16 Group
Developer site: d16
Format: VST, AAX * (* P.T. from audioUTOPIA)
Digit capacity: 32bit, 64bit

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