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E-Books / Video TrainingPersuasion Power 4: Persuasion Psychology Hack "Yes Engines"

Persuasion Power 4: Persuasion Psychology Hack "Yes Engines"
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Do you have to be dishonest, manipulative or sleezy to be persuasive?

Create an Almost Irresistible Urge in Others to Agree with You Using a 3 Step System Based on a Persuasion Shortcut
What you'll learn

EXPAND Your Understanding of Persuasion Psychology with Simple to Understand Language

INCREASE Your Sales Prowess and Closing Rate Without Being Manipulative or Aggressive

BUILD Strat "Yes Ees" That Create an Almost Irresistible Force of Agreement in Others

CONTROL Arguments Using the 5 Frames That Are Easy to Agree with

CREATE Unstoppable Momentum Towards Your Outcomes in Any Situation

AVOID Difficult Disagreements with a Proven Yes Getting System

COMMAND Respect by Communicating Persuasively Without Sounding Cheesy or Salesy

LEAD Others Through the Use of Strat "Yes Pyramids"


Pen, paper, open mind



Not all persuasion skills and techniques require you to degrade yourself.

You can learn to create agreement momentum and communicate your ideas in a way that is easy for others to agree with, while sounding natural, eloquent, and chag.

You'll discover how to build strat "yes ees" that create an almost irresistible urge in others to agree with what you are saying, suggesting or presenting.




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