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E-BooksModern Raman Spectroscopy - a practical approach

Modern Raman Spectroscopy - a practical approach
Modern Raman Spectroscopy - a practical approach
pdf | 4.58 MB | English | Author :Ewen Smith | 978-1119440550 | 2019 | Wiley; 2 edition

Book Description :

Second edition of the guide to the modern techniques that demonstrate the potential of Raman spectroscopy
Completely revised and updated, the second edition of Modern Raman Spectroscopy presents the information needed for clear understanding and application of the technique of Raman Spectroscopy in a range of areas such as pharmaceuticals, forensics, and biology. The authors―noted experts on the topic―reveal how to make full use of the critical information presented and include a wealth of examples of the pitfalls that can be encountered.
The text opens with a description of the basic theory to assist readers in making a practical interpretation of Raman Spectra. Chapters include the main equations that are used in order to highlight the theory's meaning and relevance while avoiding a full mathematical treatment. Modern Raman Spectroscopy provides a firm grounding, combined with a variety of references, from which to approach a more comprehensive study of specific aspects of Raman Spectroscopy. This new edition:
  • Includes instrumentation sections that now contain Spatially Offset Raman scattering and transmission Raman scattering
  • Offers an updated SERS chapter that presents recent examples and Tip enhanced Raman scattering
  • Contains updated information with an emphasis on pharmaceutical, forensic, and biological applications
  • Introduces modern techniques in the imaging and mapping of biological samples and more advanced methods which are becoming easier to use

Written for users of Raman Spectroscopy in industry, including non-analysts, researchers, and academics, the second edition of Modern Raman Spectroscopy clearly demonstrates the potential of using Raman Spectroscopy for a wide range of applications. 

Category : | Science & Mathematics, Optics for Physics, Chemistry

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