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The Haunting of Borley Rectory 2019 DVDRip x264-ASSOCiATE

The Haunting of Borley Rectory 2019 DVDRip x264-ASSOCiATE
The Haunting of Borley Rectory 2019 DVDRip x264-ASSOCiATE
Language: English
608.01 MB | 01:31:38 | 793 Kbps | V_MPEG4/ISO/AVC | 720x306 | AAC LC, 48 Khz, 2 channels, 132 Kbps
Genre: Horror
iMDB info

Provider: Lori.Yagami

The story of Borley Rectory, said to be the most haunted building in the world before it was mysteriously destroyed by fire just before WWII.

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SoftwareTransfer Textiles Designer Multilingual

Transfer Textiles Designer Multilingual
Languages: Multilingual | File Size: 752.09 MB

Personalize your T-shirts, sweatshirts, caps, cushions, bags! With Transfer Paper for Textile, you personalize all your clothes and other accessories on clear textiles. Thanks to the transfer paper for light fabrics, you can now print your favorite designs on your T-shirts, pants, caps, bags, cushions, underwear ...

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SoftwareTax Assistant for Excel Professional 6.0

Tax Assistant for Excel Professional 6.0
File size: 9.1 MB

Tax Assistant for Excel for the 2010 tax year is ready to help you prepare your taxes. In addition to updating the various tax forms, we've made the program more intuitive and user friendly and improved the error checking on Capital Gains entries to insure your return is correct. We've also added Form 8829 for reporting a tax deduction for the business use of your home. Don't waste time answering 1000 questions and entering unnecessary information with other tax programs. Tax Assistant for Excel allows you to enter only the data you need in a fast efficient manner. Even if you use another program to file your taxes electronically, Tax Assistant for Excel provides an inexpensive way for you to keep a permanent record of your federal tax return in the ubiquitous Excel file format. You can also use it to compare your taxes under different scenarios.

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SoftwareDriveImage XML Commerical 2.60

DriveImage XML Commerical 2.60
File Size: 1.93 MB

DriveImage XML is an easy to use and reliable program for imaging and backing up partitions and logical drives.Image creation uses Microsoft's Volume Shadow Services (VSS), allowing you to create safe "hot images" even from drives currently in use. Images are stored in XML files, allowing you to process them with 3rd party tools. Never again be stuck with a useless backup! Restore images to drives without having to reboot. DriveImage XML is now faster than ever, offering two different compression levels.The program will backup, image and restore drives formatted with FAT 12, 16, 32 and NTFS.

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SoftwareETA Dynaform 5.9.4 Build 2019.03.21 (x64)

ETA Dynaform 5.9.4 Build 2019.03.21 (x64)
File size: 691 MB

DYNAFORM is a simulation software solution, which allows organizations to bypass soft tooling, reducing overall tryout time, lowering costs, increasing productivity & providing complete confidence in die system design. It also allows for the evaluation of alternative and unconventional designs & materials.

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SoftwareSimpleSoft Simple Invoice 3.17.8 Multilingual

SimpleSoft Simple Invoice 3.17.8 Multilingual
File size: 2.3 MB

Simple Invoice is easy to use software that helps you to manage and account invoices. Simple and intuitive user interface designed for latest Windows systems. Instalation is quick because program is very "light" for system. You need about two minuts for issue new Invoice after instalation process!

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SoftwareCadence SPB Allegro and OrCAD v17.20.052 Hotfix Only (x64)

Cadence SPB Allegro and OrCAD v17.20.052 Hotfix Only (x64)
x64 | File Size: 3.61 GB

OrCAD one of the best and most professional software simulation and analysis electronic circuits and electronic design automation software division (Electronic Design Automation or abbreviated EDA) is. OrCAD consists of two words that in fact the state of Oregon was the birthplace of early versions of the software and CAD stands for Computer-aided design and computer design means is formed. Cadence SPB OrCAD OrCAD PCB set to Allegro PCB or also known, including various programs to design schematic, simulation and analysis of electronic is circuits.

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For MacOSXPermute 3.1.5 macOS

Permute 3.1.5 macOS
Language: Multilingual | File size: 53 MB

Permute is the easiest to use media converter with it's easy to use, no configuration, drag and drop interface, it will meet the needs to convert all your media files. We have completely rewritten Permute 2 from the ground up. It now detects if the original file only needs to be transcoded and if not, the track is copied, saving you a lot of time. It now also supports converting images and has improved presets across all media types.

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Prospect 2018 DVDRip x264-LPD

Prospect 2018 DVDRip x264-LPD
Prospect 2018 DVDRip x264-LPD
Language: English
725.82 MB | 01:39:49 | 858 Kbps | V_MPEG4/ISO/AVC | 720x384 | AAC LC, 48 Khz, 2 channels, 156 Kbps
Genre: Drama | Sci-Fi | Thriller
iMDB info

Provider: Lori.Yagami

A teenage girl and her father travel to a remote alien moon, aiming to strike it rich.

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For MacOSXDownie 3.6.4 macOS

Downie 3.6.4 macOS
Language: Multilingual | File size: 39 MB

Downie is the only video download for OS X you will ever need. It isn't simply another YouTube-downloader: Downie supports at this moment over 700 different sites! The full list may be viewed in Downie's preferences, under the Sites tab.

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